Fisher- Price New Year advert #Wishesforbaby


Take a look at this beautiful advert. I’m not going to lie, it brought a little tear to my overly sensitive self. Isn’t it beautiful? The ad was made in 24 hours using some of 2015 newest babies from around the world. I love the hopes and dreams that the mothers have for their newborns, so full of optimism and promise; perfect for the start of a New Year and reminding us of what it is really all about. Enjoy.


Happy New Year!

My hopes for 2015

2015 resolutions

It’s New Year resolution time and in the spirit of accountability I am sharing mine here.

In 2015 I plan to be more focussed than I have ever been before. Having a baby changed me in many ways but the main one was an overriding desire to create and build the kind of life I want to live, for my family and for myself. With some goal setting, manifesting and hard work I feel I will get there or pretty damn close at least.


It is so easy to get caught up with the noise of life and not to be present in the now. Whether it be the distraction of the iPhone, social media and the daily tasks of life. Multi-tasking is fine and completely necessary to get shit done but it also needs to be balanced with being in the moment, listening and not instagramming the hell out of everything.


There is so much to be thankful for, even through hard times. Without appreciating what you have, you will never be content and I believe contentment is the key to happiness.


My life’s mantra. Be ambitious, strive for more, work hard but enjoy each stage and appreciate the now. The story is in the journey not the goal.


Not letting that voice of doubt creep in to stop me doing what I know I can do. It is so easy to see others taking action and assume that they have done it better than I could ever do BUT no one is better than being you than you.


I am addicted to self development and this year I am hoping to indulge even more. I already have a few courses booked to help enhance my freelance business and I am also hoping to embark some other creative courses over the year.


Prior to moving into the house we did not recycle. Shock horror I know. When the whole country was avidly recycling we weren’t. Mainly down to the fact that the local council hadn’t  enforced a flat recycling scheme that actually worked, so it became easier to throw everything in a black bag and dump it in the big old communal bin. Although I know that is a pretty lame excuse. Fast forward moving into a house and recycling is not only mandatory but has actually become a part of our daily live and we are now fairly avid recyclers. This year I want to make an effort to recycle everything we can, be less wasteful and live more sustainably.


I miss reading! I used to be a complete book-worm but now I just don’t have the time. Yes, that bloody word again! But this year I resolve to try to make time.

So those are my resolutions, what are yours?

5 things I am grateful for in 2014 

au revoir 2014

Another year done already! Where the hell has it gone? 2014 was an interesting year which saw me take on a few different personas. Going from newish mama on maternity leave, to a returnee to work, a new job in a new field thrown into the mix, alongside becoming a portfolio careerist and learning to become a business owner (of sorts).

A year ago, I couldn’t have predicted where I would be today and most importantly how I would feel today. It just goes to show that you never know where life is going to take you.

Always one for expressing gratitude, here are my 5 things I am grateful for in 2014:


I have the most wonderful support in my family and am beyond lucky to have them. My husband and daughter are my backbone and my spirit. They complete me.


They have come and I have taken them. To experience new things, to learn more, to connect and meet new people. At a time when I had never been so busy personally, I took on more work professionally, this led to a crazy busy time. But I’m glad I did it.


Many lessons were learnt this year with sleep deprivation making you have evil thoughts about throwing household items at your partner being one of them. As well as learning that I can do a whole lot more than I thought I could. I need to ask for and accept help more. Along with listening and trusting the Universe.


I don’t get to see my friends as much as I used to but that has made the times when we have connected even more special. Ultimately, we are always there for each other and that is what is important.


It may not be perfect but within these walls is love, warmth and security. This year it has played host to occasions where we have been able to bring the family together and create memories.

So those are my things to be grateful for, what are yours?

The most wonderful time of the year…

Merry Christmas-pic3

Wishing you all a beautifully amazing Christmas. I hope you are able to take time to recharge and spend quality time with loved ones.

This Christmas is the first proper one in our house. I say proper because we moved in a year ago and so with Christmas being a mere five days later we weren’t able to go all out. Although amongst all of the boxes I did conveniently find the fairy lights and get them up quick time, yet it took us days to find the spoons. Priorities!

Now that we have more space we are inviting all the family round to celebrate with us. At my grand old age, it is my first time hosting Christmas dinner. Wish me luck on the cooking front. Just call me the queen of delegation this Christmas!

Love, light & Christmas wishes

X x

Mumsnet Blogfest here I come…


On Saturday I am attending Blogfest, eeek. I’m a first-timer and yes I am shitting myself BUT I am listening to the universe and it is telling me to get my arse there, so I am dutifully obliging. I did say to myself at the start of the year that I would attend a Blogging Conference and it wasn’t until I went back to work and Mia turned one, that I started getting some sleep and so actually felt human enough to complete anything other than keeping baby alive, fed, watered and happy. By then I had missed the majority of blogging events and so was pleased to see that Mumsnet BlogFest was still to come.

So if you are going to be on there on Saturday, let me know, tweet me!

Wish me luck peeps.